AMSHeR has three key programmes

Human Rights and Law

AMSHeR supports human rights organisations to undertake evidence based advocacy MSM/LGBT issues and to design context specific responses to these issues; strengthen the capacity of national human rights institutions, civil society and other stakeholders to understand mainstream the rights of LGBT persons in broader national human rights discourse as well as respond to human rights violations against sexual minority group. The programme also engages regional and international human rights mechanism on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity as well as the protection of the rights of the LGBT person in Africa.

HIV and Health Systems

Our Health programme prioritises strengthening regional advocates, coordination of members’ and partners in-country response, to MSM health needs, particularly in regards to HIV and MSM living with HIV. AMSHeR advocates across the coalition and with other regional and international networks to promote the development of policy, guidelines, programmes and health care and support services for African MSM.

Capacity Strengthening

AMSHeR provides members and partners with technical expertise and capacity strengthening for the development, implementation and evaluation of interventions, whilst strengthening the regional Key Population movement by consolidating their capacity to undertake coalition work and regional advocacy. This programme also facilitate linkages, research and learning amongst key population organisations in the area of health and human rights programming. To develop The Institutional Capacity of MSM, LGBT, and other key population organisations; strengthen Their access to and engagement with local, regional and global institutions; and enhance communication, knowledge sharing within the AMSHeR coalition.