Our priorities

As such, we at AMSHeR have focused our priorities to address the very basic human and health rights of people in these countries, while building up our own membership, partnerships and resources to add clout and authority to our movement and that of our member organisations.

HIV & Health

Much of the MSM and LGBTI population in Africa are often outright refused access to prevention tools and HIV medical programmes in certain countries.

Activities of ours, such as the Utetezi Project which, in partnership with governmental organisations, hope to implement formal responses and processes in these countries. Read More »

Human Rights

We believe that basic human dignity and protection against discrimination is the right of every person, an issue not properly addressed in Africa. We work to uphold and defend these rights for our MSM and LGBTI constituents, who often find themselves victims of violence and intolerance in their community and workplace. Read More »


Every country has a different political and social environment. So through self-empowerment models, rather than charity-models, we hope to equip member organisations and movement leaders with the tools and expertise to spearhead their own agenda in their home countries. Read More »


Through access to support and expertise, and the leadership of our member organisations, we hope to create visibility for MSM and HIV issues in areas that individual members would otherwise be unable properly reach. Read More »