Taonga Thomas Tembo

Taonga Thomas Tembo is a National Project Officer, Zambia and supports the effective implementation of the Young Key Populations or ‘Linking Policy and Programming Project.’ A certified paralegal with experience of promoting and protecting the rights of Transgender and Intersex persons in Zambia having worked with Trans Bantu Association of Zambia, a community based Transgender and Intersex organisation.

Through his work, Taonga has been involved in engaging stakeholders and partners including Health officials  on issues of non-discriminatory Health Care for Transgender and Intersex persons. In 2017 at only 22, he co-managed the organising and facilitating of the first ever National Advocacy meeting on Trans* and Intersex Health Rights which brought together an array of stakeholders and partners.

Taonga has vast experience of working with young Trans* and Intersex persons in Zambia and has been instrumental in using various avenues of the Law to foster an environment of non-discrimination and amplify the lived realities of young Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual Trans* and Intersex [LGBTI] persons.




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