Request For Proposals: PR, Brand and Events Management Consultancy


1. Introduction

Undertaking successful events requires expertise and specialist support in the areas of brand and Public Relations (PR) management. In this regard, AMSHeR seeks the support of a seasoned professional PR house to deliver on its critical advocacy and visibility outcomes of its nine months communications strategy that seeks to communicate AMSHeR@10, a campaign amongst others.

2. Background
March 2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHeR). On this occasion, AMSHeR embarks on a process of self-reflection and priority setting that includes the celebration of friendships, partnerships and cooperation over the last decade that have strengthened the 18-member coalition and its affiliates across the African continent. It also provides an opportunity for AMSHeR to provide an overview of its activities and the impact of its work over the years as resting in the strength of its coalition in particular, the work and reach of its members and affiliates across
the African continent and the diaspora. This anniversary also affords AMSHeR the opportunity to tell the story of its founding by sharing the contribution of its founding members, individuals, its leadership, its fears and triumphs that are interwoven into the organisation’s guiding philosophy.

3. Rationale
The idea of a pan-African regional network of MSM and LGBT organisations working primarily through policy advocacy to address discrimination, exclusion and violence faced by persons on the basis of their real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity and/expression in Africa was first mooted in 2005; following the International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Illnesses in Africa (ICASA) in Nigeria at a time when reports of human rights violations and persecution of LGBT persons across Africa was rife.

Contemporaneous with the above was the HIV epidemic with Africa at its epi-Centre. While great strides were being made to contain the misinformation, silence and denial surrounding what in Africa was thought to be a heterosexual epidemic, new data was emerging across Africa of the disproportionate burden of HIV on gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men. Pleas by African gay men to governments at the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA 2005) held incidentally in Abuja – Nigeria for their issues to feature in the conference was largely ignored. The need to formally establish the AMSHeR

coalition was agreed at the 2008 International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2008) in Mexico City, Mexico. A consensus workshop to define and agree on the objectives of the new partnership was held in Cape Town on March 16th and 17th, 2009 and the organisation was formalised on March 28, 2019. Although AMSHeR’s history is rooted within the global HIV and health response; almost ten years after its initial formalisation the organisation continues to reinvent its self and implements its fourth strategic plan (2019 -2022) focusing on strengthening capacity, partnerships and collaborations amongst sexual orientation and gender identity and/or expression (SOGIE) focused civil society organisations in Africa while deepening alliances with other social movements that champion health, human rights, social justice and development in the post SDGs era. AMSHeR’s work is operationalised through advocacy outputs in the areas of Law and Human Rights, Health and HIV Systems Strengthening; Capacity Strengthening; Research and Learning and Communications.

Against this background, AMSHeR seeks to undertake a nine-month campaign to celebrate the work of the AMSHeR Network across the African continent and globally whilst demonstrating its advocacy impact at a national, sub-regional, regional and global levels focusing on the successes of its members in the four (4) African regions. The campaign focuses on the pillars of AMSHeR’s 2019 -2022 Strategic Plan that underscores the significance of i) championing rights and ii) celebrating diversity through utilisation of an iii) inclusive developmental approach whilst ix) empowering and sustaining movements across the African continent. The AMSHeR @10 Campaign emphasises significant milestone in the history of the AMSHeR Coalition from its inception key amongst these is the passing of Resolution 275 at the level of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (The Commission) and the decriminalisation of consensual sex amongst adults of the same sex in Mozambique and Angola.

4. Objectives of the AMSHeR’s Communications Strategy
The strategy has been developed to achieve the following:
 Support strategic messaging – consistency across all channels and mediums (written, digital, spoken); key messages; branding; credibility; mitigate against reputation risk.
 Provide direction for content development efforts – help to identify and leverage communications assets; and identify communications needs, opportunities and requirements.
 Set a basis for measurement of communications efforts. Set out roles and responsibilities for programme communications amongst the partners.

The overall goals of the AMSHeR @10 communications strategy is two-fold; to communicate AMSHeR’s mission, vision and progress over the past ten (10) years with an aim to influence the narratives on SOGIE in Africa. Secondly, to share results and information on the progress of the AMSHeR coalition with stakeholders. A variety of channels, including traditional and new, digital media, will be used to achieve this.

5. Scope of work

A Communication/Media strategy is important to regularly conveying information to stakeholders and creates awareness, through direct and indirect engagement. Mass media channels, such as newspapers, magazines, radio or television, are used to communicate information to large groups/ stakeholders. In order to facilitate the implementation of the Communication/ Media Strategy and activities, an agency is to be appointed, which will be undertaking PR and Event management.

a) The Agency will have the following terms of reference:
Preparation, implementation and monitoring of a media plan:- for effective implementation of the Communication/Media campaign AMSHeR @ 10, a media plan is required to support an existing strategy; budget optimisation and allocations across media.
1. The agency will prepare a comprehensive media plan, including media schedule, to oversee its implementation through identified mediums.
2. The agency consultancy will track the effects/impacts of the media products periodically and provide feedback.
3. The agency in consultation with the communication team will revisit and update media plan accordingly.

b) Build up and Update AMSHeR’s events calendar on regular basis:
An event’s calendar will enable putting together all the events being organised around AMSHeR at national, sub-regional and regional levels.
1. The holistic calendar will allow for various AMSHeR events, partner organisations, related to SOGIESC advocacy and human rights to be disseminated widely in the media for visibility and awareness raising. In order to facilitate the development of an events calendar, the agency will build up and regularly update an event’s registry to be hosted on the AMSHeR website to allow
organisations for submissions and tracking.

c) Coordination and facilitation of AMSHeR’s events
Facilitate organising of AMSHeR events and coordinate the release of media related materials to the press and others;
1. The two most important events lined up for 2019 are the AMSHeR @ 10 campaign which runs for nine-months and the coordination and management of the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Kigali, Rwanda.
2. Provide logistics and administrative support to the AMSHeR’s secretariat on an ongoing basis to ensure the successful event  management.

d) Stakeholder partnership development

Facilitate development of partnership between AMSHeR and stakeholders including the media.
1. The agency will work with the AMSHeR on a stakeholder engagement strategy and create a
synergy between AMSHeR and its stakeholders in particular members and funders.

e) Media and Campaigns coordination
Coordinate with the communications and media team to ensure appropriate campaigns/ programs, like films/documentaries, audio spots, video spots are broadcasted appropriately;
1. Coordinate the production and broadcasting of films, documentaries and radio programmes in the
three official AMSHeR languages.

f) Press coverage
Ensure adequate coverage of SOGIESC and related issues in the Print and electronic media;
1. The agency in consultation with AMSHeR ensures that ready information is available to provide to media houses and follow up with additional support and information as required.

Preparation, Implementation and Monitoring of the Media Plan
1. Comprehensive media plan, including media schedule prepared and regularly updated.
2. Implementation of communication strategy through identified media done
3. The effects/impacts of the media products tracked periodically and feedback provided.
4. Effective logistics and administrative support to AMSHeR secretariat
5. Content management and tracking of website and other social media platforms
6. Organisational and programmatic content development and generation
7. Development of event management plan and roadmaps for all critical AMSHeR events

Facilitating the development of information materials like Fact Sheets, Case studies, etc
 Ensures that fact sheets with a focus on SRHR, human rights and SOGIE issues are organised and media persons are linked to experts.
 The information documents prepared and used as resource materials to facilitate for usage in advocacy at sub-regional, regional and global levels.
 Follow-up with relevant media houses to ensure coverage of SOGIE issues in leading national & local print and electronic media.
Build up and Update the events calendar on regular basis
 Events calendar development and regularly updated
 Details on the upcoming events shared with the media and other stakeholders
Facilitation and coordination of the ICASA 2019 and the AMSHeR @ 10 campaign finale and
 Coordinate the release of media related materials to the press and others;
 PR activities undertaken to ensure extensive coverage of the AMSHeR @ 10 celebrations in print &
electronic media.
 8 2. Felicitation/Reception organised for partners and stakeholders at the ICASA 2019 scheduled
between 2-7 December 2019.

Stakeholder partnership development
 Development of partnership strategy between AMSHeR and the media.
 work with the AMSHeR on a stakeholder engagement strategy and create a synergy between AMSHeR and its stakeholders in particular members and funders.

Ongoing Support
1. Generation of content: Press releases, web content management, blogs etc
2. Project specific administrative and logistics support to the AMSHeR Secretariat.

Skills Required
AMSHeR seeks services of a consulting firm to support its Public Relations, Brand and Events Management work. The agency/firm is expected to have at least ten years of professional experience in communications, public relations and events management with a minimum of 5 years’ experience working with international organisations. The agency/firm should have demonstrated experience in producing knowledge products; corporate communication materials; broadcasting and events coordination amongst other adhoc assignments to be agreed and undertaken during the period of the consultancy.

This is consultancy will be phased and timelines will be agreed before appointment and is effective March 1, 2019. Expression of interest should be shared with the Communications and Media Advocacy Department no later than February 28, 2019 on

Intellectual Property Rights
The reports generated through this consultancy would be the intellectual property of the African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHeR) and AMSHeR reserves the right to implement the recommendation through a vendor of their own choosing.

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