Queer Voices of Faith

Delane Kalembo

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At a time when African LGBT persons are facing increasing religion-inspired homophobia and discrimination and religious leaders across the continent are inciting violence and intolerance through their platforms, but also increasingly playing a role in policy formulation in their countries, is there an opportunity for integrating spirituality and sexuality in Africa? What is the role of religious leaders in addressing violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity? Is there a space for LGBT persons in faith and religious organisations?

“I was brought up in the church and my parents were well respected in the church- I struggled to come to terms with my sexuality- when I came out, my family prayed for more than 5 hours for me to get straight.”Linda- Namibia

This continues work under AMSHeR’s Integrating Spirituality and Sexuality Project exploring the increasing role of religious leaders as policymakers, in perpetuating discrimination and violence against LGBT persons in Africa, and the place of LGBT and queer voices of faith in addressing these. Our film crew will be documenting the voices of African queer people of faith who wish to join the conversation throughout the conference.

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