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Programme area Information and knowledge management, research and learning
Region BurundiCameroonKenyaNigeriaSouth AfricaUgandaZambiaZimbabwe
Year/s 2012201320142015


‘The Voices for Freedom Project aims to portray a positive narrative of  African LGBT persons and their experiences through their voices and the voices of their friends and family. This project  seeks to counter the single story of African LGBT as victims by presenting alternatives of courage, resilience, pride and freedom’ Ultimately and perhaps more importantly, this project will give that young LGBT person somewhere on the continent, a positive role model that is relatable to his/her own situation.


  • Debunk the ‘unAfrican’ argument often used against same-sex practising people in Africa.
  • Foster visibility, tolerance and acceptance.
  • Garner support from mainstream organisations and the general public to better protect the rights of LGBT people form human rights violations.



The changing social and policy landscape across Africa during this project has highlighted the need to be thorough about the potential for projects like this to present real danger to LGBT individuals and how to ameliorate these risks. One of the unforeseen challenges, the most recent we have had to address is the new law in Nigeria, and to ensure that portions from the testimonies of Nigerian participants that may incriminate them are cut out of the final videos.

We are confident that this project will achieve its original target in terms of number of persons reached once the final videos are out in the public domain.




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