MHAP: The MSM Health Advocacy Project



Programme area HIV and Health Systems
Region Cote d'IvoireKenyaNigeria
Year/s 2012201420152016


Men who have sex with men across Africa remain at the margins of HIV interventions despite the grave need for urgent, immediate and serious attention to their health needs. This is evidenced by the lack of comprehensive data analyzing the situation despite several key studies that hint at the scale of the epidemic and its impact on MSM across the continent.

This project is a comprehensive review and analysis of the current situation for the MSM in each country about health policy, programme and funding support for MSM health services.


The project has the following objectives;

  • Establish a baseline of current MSM health services in Cote D’Ivoire, Kenya and Nigeria.
  • Increase capacity to collect, analyze, and report on MSM health disparities by 3 member organisations.
  • Develop health advocacy program for improvements in programs and health outcomes.
  • Build a network for MSM community health advocacy between 3 countries.



This project has increased the capacity to advocate for MSM health to ensure MSM have access to health care and HIV prevention, treatment, care and support that is appropriate, supportive and timely.

  • Established a baseline of current MSM health services in Cote D’Ivoire, Kenya and Nigeria. This wAS achieved through two main activities: a desk study of the current situation in each country; and the development, implementation and evaluation of a MSM Health Score Card.
  • Through series of capacity building workshops, technical assistance,coordination, communication and follow-up mentoring, three member organisations were able to collect, analyze, and report on MSM health disparities.The workshops  provided skills building, project development, collaboration and networking in health policy advocacy for MSM in each country.