Advancing health and human rights access for MSM/LGBT individuals through the production of credible evidence on community experience and leadership



Programme area HIV and Health Systems
Region NigeriaTogo
Year/s 20152016


Through efforts at sensitisation of policymakers and other stakeholders on issues of human rights, HIV, sexual orientation and gender identity; engagement with processes aimed at holding governments accountable for human rights violations; and direct provision of health, psycho-social and para-legal services, AMSHeR member organisations have shown commendable initiative, tenacity and ingenuity in advancing the rights of MSM/LGBT persons, although the contribution of community-led initiatives are acknowledged, the investment by States and global health financing institutions remain insignificant, despite laudable objectives in national strategic plans [NSPs], other strategies and targets.


The Project aims at addressing three critical gaps within the HIV response for, and SOGI advocacy discourse on, MSM/LGBT persons in Africa and they are –

  • The dearth of credible indigenous non bio-medical evidence-base to inform human rights based programming for African MSM/LGBT persons.
  • The lack of community-led process for holding global health financing institutions accountable to their human rights and community system strengthening objectives and targets.
  • The lack of documentation of the positive narratives and success stories of African MSM/LGBT persons.


  • Documenting the experiences of MSM/LGBT communities in the country processes of the health financing and governance institutions with a view to strengthening their engagement in decision-making, promote and respect human rights, and lead to greater accountability and transparency.
  • Demonstrating the impact of MSM/LGBT-led community initiatives promoting a favourable policy/human rights environment and addressing stigma and discrimination against MSM/LGBT persons.
  • Support local civil society organisations and activists to develop shadow reports on the situation of MSM/LGBT individuals for the UN UPR process and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.



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