Nigeria: Same Sex Union Crusade By the West – What Is Their Headache?

Godwin Okorie

This Day [Nigeria]

Few decades ago, in his utmost sincere zeal and zest towards instituting and stabilizing peace, unity and brotherliness in Nigeria, Chief Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe shot a movie rubber bullet on his fellow Nationalist- Sir Ahmadu Bello, when he told him that we had to forget our difference. In a dramatic immediate response, Sir Ahmadu Bello replied: “We don’t have to forget our differences; we have to understand our differences because understanding is the key to the resolution of conflict.”

In like manner, the truth must be told to our big brother from the West on our decision to go by the dictates of our conscience and the prescription of our culture or value system, as opposed to that of Western civilization.

For sometime now, the West had been employing every political, social, economic and all round arsenals of sophistication to attempt to whip peace-loving but gullible nations, especially Africans, to discard through the window our most cherished ethics and value system just to warmly embrace their crazy fantasies of civilization. Principal among the concerts over which their rods are falling on our unclothed or scarcely clothed backs, is the much-ado-about-nothing issue of same-sex union or same-sex marriage. Is either, or, are both fronts of this value-battle not schooled in this extract of the Dorothy Law?-

-“If a child lives with criticism he learns to condemn” -“if a child lives win tolerance, he learns to be patient” -“if a child lives in praise, he learns to appreciate”

The dimension that the wrestling is taking tends to ignite confusion as to what exactly the west wants to achieve in this mission. What ever their aims and objectives, mission statement and vision are, in this attempt to force another man’s herd to graze on some other’s farmland or force a horse to drink from a water source when the horse is actually not thirsty, caution must be taken by these western crusaders.

In other words, what is their headache? Perhaps their actions might be another adventure drive or cosmetic jostle for injustice fashion of ‘injustice’. However, they are smart to directionally interpret it to be another effort by world leaders to make this globe an equity-sourcing spring or human rights obsessed clouds.

The last time I checked, I discovered that this is not about one Abdulmutallab aboard an American aircraft, trying to give birth to terror. The last time I checked, I didn’t see some youths of a particular Northern State lurking around a public building with some cans of soft drink suspected to be hotter that hot drinks when detonated.

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