Mozambique’s only LGBT Organisation – Demanding official registration as an NGO

We demand a response!

This Friday, October 31st, 2014, LAMBDA (The Mozambican Association for the Defense of Sexual Minorities) will be holding an event to recognize the launch of its campaign, “REGISTE LAMBDA, REGISTE IGUALDADE” (REGISTER LAMBDA, REGISTER EQUALITY”).


For more than seven years, Lambda has awaited a response from the Ministry of Justice to their application for legal registration as an official NGO, a process that normally takes a maximum of 40 days.

After two years of non-response from the Ministry of Justice, in 2010, Lambda brought their case to the United Nations appealing to the High Commission for Human Rights to act on the violation of their right to association.

During the UN Periodic Review of Mozambique, the UN Joint Sessions supported and called for “the registration of NGOs working on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, in accordance with the principles of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders.”

The UN also recommended “authorities speed up the process of legalisation of LAMBDA.”

However, still today, three years after the UN Periodic Review of Mozambique, the Ministry of Justice has remained silent, forcing Lambda into a position which reflects that of the lives LGBT citizens in the country: not legal, but not illegal.

It is clear to Lambda that the government of Mozambique’s continued violation of its right to association is based on discriminatory attitudes towards homosexuality.

The main objectives of the “Register Lambda, Register Equality” campaign, launching Friday, are to both apply pressure on the Mozambican government to formally recognize Lambda, while sensitizing, educating, and informing public opinion concerning the equal rights of all Mozambicans, regardless of sexual orientation or identity.

The aforementioned kick-off event, lead by Masters of Ceremony TV presenter Anabela Adrianoupolos and activist Gilberto Macuacua, will begin at 5:00pm and includes a campaign presentation, speeches, and artistic performances.

Notable attendees to include:

Anabela Adrianopolos,  Gilberto Macuacua, Carlos Serra, Iveth Mafundza, Yara da Silva, La Biba e La Santa, Kamane & Jr (New Joint), Douglas Grifiths (Ambassador of The United States of America to Mozambique), Serge Segura (Ambassador of France to Mozambique), and Frederique de Man (Ambassador of the Netherlands to Mozambique)

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