LAMBDA’s Activities for IDAHO 2014


For the celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia, Lambda has scheduled some education and information activities, aiming to change negative perceptions and stigmatizing social behaviors against homosexuality and the LGBT community.  These activities are:

  • A television debate about the negative aspects of discrimination based on sexual orientation. A psychologist (Lenia Mapelane), sociologist (Santos Simione) and LGBT person (Jam Pedro) will attend the TV show, talk about the subject and discuss the implications of discrimination.

This program is scheduled to go on air on the 16th on STV, a Mozambican national TV channel (on a show called “A tarde é sua”) at 4pm.


  • A debate on an university, wherewith Lambda expects to create the opportunity for an academic discussion about how the LGBT rights are not recognized and respected in Mozambique and raise awareness about the negative impact of the lack of clear legislation that defends the LGBT citizens. This debate is scheduled for May 19, at 4pm, at CREISPU – Universidade Politécnica, Maputo.
    The invited speakers are dr. Dário de Sousa and dr. Egídio Canuma, with the participation of dr. Antonio Ndapassoa as the debate moderator.

The debate is open to everyone that is interested.


  • Publish an official declaration on a Mozambican national newspaper (Jornal Savana), about the celebration of the date on Friday, the 16th.