Kenya: Anti-Gay Groups in Kenya Rally to ‘Prevent Sodom’ Promoted By West

Katy Migiro


Anti-gay groups in Kenya are campaigning to stop Western-backed “moral deviants” forcing their “unnatural behaviour” on the east African nation, The Star newspaper said on Wednesday.

One of the anti-gay groups, The Save Our Men Initiative, says it is launching a “Zuia Sodom Kabisa” campaign, meaning ‘”prevent Sodom completely” in Swahili, to “save the family, save youth, save Kenya”.

“Homosexuality in Kenya is a serious threat to life, community and our youth in high school, their recruitment hotbed. It must be stopped,” the Save Our Men Initiative said.

“This is about few moral deviants forcing their values and unnatural behavior on the quiet majority with the aid of Western governments who could otherwise be spending their resources in stemming the crisis in Syria and elsewhere,” the group said.

The lobbyists aim to collect a million signatures against homosexuality, to be delivered to parliament and the judiciary during a public march on 5 April.

Homophobia is gaining visibility in east Africa. Last month, Uganda’s president signed a law imposing penalties up to life imprisonment for homosexuality, defying protests from rights groups and Western donors.

Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya, as in most African countries, and persecution is widespread. Many decry same sex relationships as a Western import and justify their intolerance on religious grounds.


The Save Our Men Initiative said sexual minorities are gaining confidence thanks to the backing of Western governments.

“The support the homosexual community is getting from Western governments like Netherlands and Germany has given homosexuals boldness that borders on intimidation for the few voices of reason that are standing against their onslaught,” the initiative said. “The vocal and incessant support the homosexuals are getting from President Barack Obama of USA is worrying.”

The group implicitly criticised the West for threatening Uganda with “dire consequences” after it banned homosexuality “based on scientific-cultural facts and sound moral considerations”.

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