AMSHeR in Zimbabwe for the LPP Project

The African Men for Sexual Health and Rights [AMSHeR] Project Team in Harare, Zimbabwe for a convening of the Young Key Populations Community Dialogue and a Multi Stakeholder Workshop.

The Young Key Populations [YKPs] Community Dialogue is the safe space convening that gathers KP communities representatives to share experiences and challenges in accessing HIV & Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services.

The Community Dialogue [July 27, 2017] seeks to achieve the following objectives;

  1. To allow members of the YKPs community to share practical experiences and cases related to issues affecting access to HIV and sexual reproductive health [SRH] services for YKPs with emphasis on exploring challenges, barriers and strategies used to overcome existing barriers, etcetera and
  2. To map out stakeholders and explore possible interventions that could jointly be undertaken by various stakeholders to reduce HIV incidence and address SRH needs of YKPs in Zimbabwe.

The Multi Stakeholder Workshop [July 28-30, 2017] seeks to examine the challenges that adversely impact HIV incident and Sexual Reproductive Health [SRH] of Young Key Populations [YKPs] with a goal to strengthening stakeholder understanding and enhancement of capacity to undertake joint initiatives that contribute to an improved legal and policy environment for YKPs’ Health and Rights in Zimbabwe.

More specifically, the Multi Stakeholder Workshop will achieve the following objectives: –

  1. Raise awareness of key actors on issues and challenges faced by young key populations in their diversity in accessing HIV and SRH services;
  2. Strengthen participants’ capacities and skills for better understanding of policy advocacy for change;
  3. Build or strengthen partnerships between key populations groups and other key players for policy change
  4. Develop joint initiatives and strategies to advocate for removal of legal and policy barriers for YKPs’ access to SRH.

For more on the ‘Linking Policy to Programming’ Project please follow this link Linking Policy to Programming Project