AMSHeR Hosts a succesful MRDA Workshop

May 30 – June 2nd, 2017, AMSHeR hosted the second Meaningful Representation Dialogue and Advocacy (MRDA) workshop as a follow-up to the inception workshop convened in 2016. The purpose of the workshop was for the KP networks to develop a unified KP REACH Meaningful Representation, Dialogue and Advocacy Action [MRDA] Plan based on the selected theme from the inception meeting.

The workshop was attended by all KP Networks notably, the Coalition of African Lesbians [CAL], African Sex Workers Alliance [ASWA], Gender Dynamix and the Southern African Trans Forum [SATF]. A key output for the workshop was to come up with a unified costed MRDA plan for the three networks notably AMSHeR, ASWA and CAL and incorporate Gender Dynamix and SATF.

The plan will:

  • Articulate how the KP REACH strategic advocacy objectives will be reached
  • Include activities, work plan, budget, and monitoring and reporting tools
  • Cover the remaining period of the KP Reach programme
  • Include and consolidate costed MRDA plans for 3 of the key population networks, namely ASWA, AMSHeR and CAL, and incorporate the role of  the SATF
  • Will work with all network actors (sub-recipients) towards realising the KP REACH’s strategic objectives
  • Will align with the other KP REACH advocacy components
  • Constitute a key tool for improving monitoring, evaluation and learning among different stakeholders.
  • Will serve as a platform for consultation with Key population groups/experts and networks on the process and direction of the AMSHeR Key Population Scorecards which is complimentary and aligns with AMSHeRs activities as per the MRDA Plan.
  • Help to consolidate and co-ordinate efforts to advance the situation of key populations in Southern Africa, and towards achieving results-based programming and advocacy.

The MRDA plan will be used as a blue print to fulfil the aims and goals of the KP REACH project and is a foundation document that articulates which key populations representation within the KP Reach project and how the KPs will work towards achieving the change that they want to see through collective and network relevant advocacy initiatives.

The costed MRDA Plan is expected to be launched at the end of June, 2017

For more information about the KP Reach Project please follow this link