AMSHeR Capacity Strengthening Process with MSH

Over the last 16-months, the AMSHeR Secretariat has been on a journey to strengthen its organisational capacity especially in the key areas of governance, financial management, structures and systems, Planning and M&E among others. This process which was initiated in October 2013 was in recognition of the fact that despite remarkable successes in programmes, many NGOs and CBOs have weak internal systems, procedures and structures and therefore unable to exist as strong, viable, transparent and accountable organisation.

In partnership with the Management Sciences for Health’s USAID-funded Building Local Capacity Project [BLC], the Secretariat worked with the BLC team on a joint baseline assessment of AMSHeR in February 2014. The assessment identified areas of capacity needs and the teams together developed a robust 18-month capacity strengthening plan for addressing those gaps. A re-assessment was conducted on 29 June and the results saw AMSHeR’s overall score move from an average of 66.5% to 85.5% placing the organisation squarely within the highest grading of the process Stage 5. This is testimony to the commitment and dedication of the AMSHeR staff, members and the Board. One of the main objectives of the BLC Project is to ’build the technical, leadership, and management capacities of regional partners to become direct recipients of funding from the US Government and other donors.’

The Board and Steering Committee mandated the Secretariat to undertake a similar process with AMSHeR’s membership. We are looking forward to growing stronger and building a truly sustainable Coalition.