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About AMSHeR

Founded in 2009 The African Men for Sexual Health and Rights is a coalition of 18 LGBT/MSM-led organisations across sub-Saharan Africa to address the disproportionate effect of the HIV epidemic on MSM and LGBT individuals; to redress the human rights violations these populations face on the continent; and to increase the visibility of LGBT individuals and their issues. Although AMSHeR’s formal membership is 18 organisations, strategically chosen to maintain geographic (Central, East, Southern and West Africa), linguistic (English, French, Kiswahili and Portuguese-speaking countries), Socio-legal (common law, civil law and Roman-Dutch legal systems) representation of sub-Saharan Africa, AMSHeR was formed in an attempt to devise ‘home-grown’ strategies to address local issues. AMSHeR maintains a reach across the whole of Africa through partnerships with a network of affiliate members.



Through advocacy and capacity strengthening, AMSHeR promotes non-discrimination, particularly discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and advances access to quality health services for MSM/LGBT individuals in Africa.



AMSHeR works towards achieving its mission of “a healthy and empowered LGBT community in Africa and human rights for all”.


Strategic Objectives

AMSHeR’s work is based on three main strategic objectives, which are:

  • Improved policy framework guaranteeing access to quality health services for MSM/LGBT individuals in Africa
  • Improved response to stigma, discrimination and violations based on sexuality and gender in Africa
  • Strengthened capacity of AMSHeR [Secretariat and membership] for sustainability in governance, advocacy and service-delivery


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