An advocacy guide for policy change


African Men for Sexual Health and Rights  and  The Health Policy Project has released An Advocacy Guide for Policy Change Around MSM Health  Based on the curriculum UTETEZI project, advocacy for improving access to services for MSM: workshop of a multiparty political program of the advocacy project, advocacy guide for political change is designed to use by HRSHs groups (Men having Sex With Men), community organizations (OCs), civil society organizations (CSOs) and people working in the field of HIV and health for HRSHs for help conduct effective advocacy at regional, national and local levels to improve policies on HIV and health for HRSHs.

This guide, in particular, serve as an important tool for organizations of civil society working on MSM issues in hostile legal environments >>Read More

Reflections on Sexuality and Equality in Africa Volume 1: 2015

Reflections on Sexuality and Equality in Africa The Perspectives series aims to encourage the voices of African students, scholars, researchers, professionals and activists to emerge and to co-create the Africa-specific discourse on sexuality, sexual rights, gender identity and gender expression, as it is richly embedded in the lives and experiences of all of us. The articles in this first collection touch on a variety of issues Read more

Understanding Sexuality, Human Rights and HIV; A Guide on Rights

Comprendre la Sexualité, les Droits de l’homme et le VIH: Un guide des droits

The purpose of this booklet is to provide an easily accessible, concise, simple and understandable document intended to provide information to policy-makers, public decision-makers and parliamentarians, while also serving as an advocacy tool. The booklet offers brief, educational information on sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity, human rights & HIV with a primary focus on MSM and LGBTI persons.

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African Men for Sexual Health and Rights - AMSHeR

The African Men for Sexual Health and Rights is a coalition of 18 LGBT/MSM-led organisations across sub-Saharan Africa established in 2009 and working to address the disproportionate effect of the HIV epidemic on MSM and LGBT individuals; to redress the human rights violations these populations face on the continent; and to increase the visibility of LGBT individuals and their issues. AMSHeR was formed in an attempt to devise ‘home-grown’ strategies to address local issues..

Through advocacy and capacity strengthening, AMSHeR promotes non-discrimination, particularly discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and advances access to quality health services for MSM/LGBT individuals in Africa..

AMSHeR works towards achieving its mission of “a healthy and empowered LGBT community in Africa and human rights for all”. .